A Gourmet Thyme

A Gourmet Thyme Shortbread
Donna Cavanaugh and Bonnie Alton, Co-Owners of A Gourmet Thyme

We're excited to bring you the unique flavors of A Gourmet Thyme products, the creation of a couple of local food professionals with nearly 50 years of combined experience. Donna Cavanaugh has enjoyed years of culinary adventures and successes with her catering company. Bonnie Alton is a baker with a storefront shop in Saint Paul. Together they are a strong force for new ideas and artisan baking at its best.

A Gourmet Thyme Shortbreads are a great base for your favorite cheese and a simple way to entertain guests. The small size and unique flavors make this product perfect to use for appetizers or desserts.

Find them in the Bakery Department of your nearest Kowalski's location. Selection and availability vary by market.