Minneapple Pie

A fresh-baked Minneapple Pie, sliced in half to reveal the sweet cinnamon apple filling

In 1966 Andy Atsidakos and his wife, Libby, immigrated from a small village in Greece to Minneapolis, Minnesota, in pursuit of the American Dream. Working as a baker in his uncle's small restaurant, Andy perfected a delicious and award-winning apple pie recipe. 43 years later, Libby and their two grown children, George and Joanne, added a new twist to his famed original recipe. Libby's relentless pursuit of perfection produced an amazingly delicious deep-fried apple pie with a crust that was light and flaky. The Original Minneapple Pie was born.

In 2009, the family began taking the pies to festivals, stadiums and fairs. They soon received the coveted invitation to one of the great food venues in the country, the Minnesota State Fair, and have since won many awards, including #1 Food at the Minnesota State Fair multiple times. They have even begun selling their pies at other fairs across the country.

Minneapple Pies are made with only the finest quality ingredients. Each is individually handmade with a crispy, flaky crust and fresh apples, then topped with cinnamon and sugar.

Find them at select Kowalski's Markets in the Bakery Department.