Burnett Dairy Cooperative

Burnett Dairy Pepperoni String Cheese

Burnett Dairy Cooperative is a farmer-owned cooperative comprised of 70 dairy families and 200 employees based near Grantsburg, Wisconsin, including 200 agronomists, feed specialists and animal nutritionists. Founded in 1896, they are one of the few remaining full-service cooperatives producing cheese today. With the guidance of their Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker, their award-winning cheeses are "Masterfully Made" with inventive flavors and inspired quality. From soil and feed quality to cow health and milk purity, Burnett Dairy Cooperative ensures superior results.

Their exceptional cheese starts with extraordinary milk from respected local dairy producers. It takes about 10 pounds of quality milk to make one pound of delicious Wisconsin cheese. It also takes precision, care, artistry…and a great deal of patience. Discover the unsurpassed quality control only an authentic Wisconsin dairy cooperative can offer.

Find Burnett Dairy Cooperative cheese in the Dairy Department of your nearest Kowalski's location. Selection and availability vary by market.