Craft & Vine Picklery

Andrew of Craft & Vine Picklery

Craft & Vine Picklery pickles pair a uniquely innovative cooking technique with the traditional pickling process to create bold flavors and a crunchy texture. Currently available in four varieties, there is something for everyone. All our products are all natural, preservative free and, apart from the lightly sweetened Sweet Ginger Chips, all products are sugar free.

  • Original Dill is our take on a classic half sour deli pickle. Packed with flavor, it is the perfect pickle for a sandwich or snack.
  • Habanero Hot is our addictive "just right" spicy pickle that is ready to add some kick when and where you want.
  • Sweet Ginger is our lightly sweetened sour pickle. Notes of ginger round out the balanced flavor.
  • Garden Giardiniera is our hard-to-pronounce, spicy vegetable relish. Packed with cauliflower, serrano peppers, carrots, celery and red bell peppers, this "go-to" condiment will add spicy crunch anywhere you need.

Find Craft & Vine Picklery in the Dairy Department of your nearest Kowalski's location. Selection and availability may vary by market.