Fresh Bars

A point-of-view shot of a man holding two fresh bars up to the camera, with a view of a forest path in the background

Fresh Bar began in Ross Pomeroy's kitchen. Following the discovery of a year-old snack bar in a hidden nook in his backpack, he was shocked to discover that it tasted exactly the same as it did on the day it was purchased. Not good. Here was a bar that was, first and foremost, made to last, not to eat. There had to be a better way: A fresher bar that was made to eat, not to sit on a shelf. That day, Ross created Fresh Bar.

Unlike other bars, Fresh Bar was not dried out, did not contain preservatives, and only used a simple slate of ingredients. As a result, Ross' creation had a much softer texture and brighter flavor that other bars couldn't match and a rich balance of nutrients that filled you up without making you feel bad. To keep his bars fresh, Ross kept them in the fridge – though they rarely lasted long after they were made!

To bring Fresh Bar to the world, Ross joined forces with his business-minded twin brother, Will, and three childhood friends, Tom, Mike and Austin. Together they spent three years worth of sleepless nights in a cramped community kitchen honing their product and picking up their first customers.

Headshot of the Fresh Bar team

Today you can find Fresh Bars across the country, but it was here in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that they started their journey, testing and sampling their bars to customers in local grocery stores like Kowalski's!

Find Fresh Bars in the Dairy Department of your nearest Kowalski's location.