Prohibition Kombucha

Nate and David on a trip to China to visit the fields where the tea leaves for their kombucha tea are grown

Prohibition Kombucha is handmade in the Twin Cities and brewed with care using direct-sourced Chinese teas from small family farms. The company was founded in 2014 when chef and brewer Nate Uri began his search for a non-alcoholic beverage as sophisticated, satisfying and terroir-dependent as fine wine.

He asked, "What happens when you apply the nuance of fermentation to the rich culture of fine, terroir-focused tea?"

Partnering with Verdant Tea founder David Duckler, Nate began brewing a clean, sophisticated and thoroughly unique brew, calling it Prohibition Kombucha.

Nate and Dave are now proud to employ a dozen friends here in Minneapolis, as well as over in China where the tea grows. They are currently distributed across Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa, and their kombucha has been featured nationwide in newspapers, radio and television interviews on kombucha, cocktail craft and tea.

Using modern brewing and winemaking techniques, this long-fermented and perfectly aged bubbly tea tonic is crisp, complex and exquisitely refreshing. The satisfying texture, aroma and flavor in each bottle reflects the mountains, the forests, the soil and water – the unique terroir – where their teas are grown. Each flavor is carefully crafted to amplify each tea's identity and seasonality.

Find Prohibition Kombucha in the Dairy Department of your nearest Kowalski's location.