Cady Creek Farms

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Nestled in the hills of western Wisconsin, just a stone's throw away from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, is a family owned and operated farm called Cady Creek. Anytime we catch wind of a local farm, we keep them on our radar to see if the integrity of their products would meet our higher expectations. Cady Creek did just that.

Destroyed by a fire in 1960, the Marcott family rebuilt Cady Creek Farms on the same site complete with state-of-the-art equipment that helps them produce cheese that's known for its extremely consistent high quality. They specialize in milled curd Cheddar longhorn, Montery Jack and a Colby Jack combination they call Gold'n Jack.

At Kowalski's we know cheese, so we're a tad persnickety when it comes to the cheese we'll offer in our markets. But when we discovered the rich heritage of Cady Creek Farms, we knew that this local farm had something special to offer.

Find it in the Deli Department of your nearest Kowalski's location.