Deena's Gourmet Hummus

Deena's Gourmet Hummus served in a bowl with fresh chickpeas and lemon slices

Deena Kvasnik launched her own brand of hummus in 2008 after friends raved about the Red Pepper & Feta Hummus she brought to an afternoon barbecue. Within 8 months, Deena's Gourmet Hummus was available at multiple local farmer’s markets and had gained a large following.

What makes this hummus so special? It is made with all natural ingredients fresh from Minnesota farms (when in season). Deena makes this product herself each week using no preservatives and no tahini, so it is lower in fat than most other hummus you've tried. It's got a great texture and makes a healthy spread for sandwiches, wraps and a fantastic dip.

Deena delivers what we here at Kowalski's are always looking for: unique products with distinctive flavors, carefully crafted with fresh, local ingredients.

Find it in the Deli Department of your nearest Kowalski's location.