The Naughty Greek

Angelo Giovanis, owner of The Naughty Greek
Angelo Giovanis, owner of The Naughty Greek

The Naughty Greek brings the tradition of authentic Athenian street food to Minneapolis and St. Paul.

After coming from Greece to live in the United States, the folks behind The Naughty Greek were very much disappointed with the quality of Greek food offerings here. They decided to create a space where they could share their passion for authentic Greek ingredients and traditional recipes. Embracing the name "Naughty," chef and owner Angelo Giovanis puts his 27 years of experience to work in his Twin Cities' restaurants, where he and his staff do things differently without compromising on quality or cutting corners.

Kowalski's is proud to be the first retail partner of The Naughty Greek in the Twin Cities! Stop by the Deli Grab & Go Case to pick up one of The Naughty Greek's freshly made Greek dips:

The Naughty Greek Packaged Spreads
The Naughty Greek Spreads
  • Simply Tzatziki, made with real Greek yogurt, English cucumbers and fresh garlic
  • Salacious Eggplant Spread, made with roasted local eggplants and bell peppers, fresh parsley, garlic and olive oil from Greece
  • Spicy Sassy Cheese Spread, made with imported Greek feta cheese and Greek yogurt

Look for their customer-favorite handmade pita chips, too! All products from The Naughty Greek are made with zero artificial preservatives.

Experience the full breadth of The Naughty Greek flavors with a trip to one of their three restaurant locations – two in St. Paul and one in Minneapolis. There you can taste authentic pork gyros, avgolemono (egg and lemon) soup, spanakopita, favalafel (falafel made with fava beans), tabbouleh and much more.

Selection and availability of products vary by market.