Len Busch Roses

A mixed floral bouquet from Len Busch Roses

The Buschs have a long history with flowers. In fact, they have been providing high quality flowers to the Midwest for the last two hundred years.

The Busch Family immigrated to the United States from Germany in the 1800s. Fred Busch began growing vegetables on Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis. Then, in 1920, Bill, Fred, and Carl Busch, the second generation, moved the business to Golden Valley, Minnesota. There, they began growing flowers as well. Sixteen years later, Len Busch was born.

Len worked with his family at Busch Brothers for most of his childhood. After earning his degree in Floriculture at Ohio State University, he left Busch Bros in 1965 to begin what is now Len Busch Roses in Plymouth, MN. He began growing pompons in a modest 28,000 sq. foot greenhouse and it wasn't until 1969 that he started growing roses. Today the business is led by Len's son, Patrick Busch. He and his wife Diana along with their four children play an active role at Len Busch Roses. Their hope is to one day have another generation of Busches to carry on the business.

Today, providing unsurpassed quality and ease of doing business is Len Busch's primary focus. They have identified key aspects of quality and ease of doing business and track their performances weekly. It is everyone's job at Len Busch Roses to continuously improve their processes to provide customers with the highest quality and greatest ease of doing business in the market. People buy flowers to add beauty to their homes and offices and to convey emotions to their loved ones. Len Busch Roses is devoted to providing customers with flowers that do this exceptionally well.