Heggies Pizza

Heggies Sausage & Pepperoni Frozen Pizza

Since 1989, Heggies Pizza has had one goal: to make the best frozen pizza available. By staying true to the founder’s vision of finding great ingredients and focusing attention on details, Heggies has earned a reputation for quality in bars and markets all over Minnesota.

From a two-stall garage in Onamia, Don and Polly Hegedus began making thin-crust pizzas by hand for local resort owners. They kept things simple: buy ingredients from people who care about quality, know which spices make the best sauce, and be generous with toppings.

Today Heggies is a bit bigger but still follows the same values: stay humble, stay authentic, and take care of customers. 28 years in, their pizzas are still handmade with the freshest and best ingredients they can find.

While the Heggies team puts their hearts into making great pizza, they also care a lot about the communities they serve. Whether it is helping schools and communities through fundraisers or showing up at the right time with pizza and a round to help make someone's day, they always strive to give back.

Find Heggies Pizzas in the Frozen Foods Department of your nearest Kowalski's location.