Izzy's Ice Cream

Izzy's Ice Cream Shop in Saint Paul

When Lara Hammel and Jeff Sommers opened their first ice cream parlor on Marshall Avenue in St. Paul a few blocks away from their Merriam Park home, they believed the location was destined for greatness. Motivated by their passion for ice cream, Lara and Jeff flew to North Carolina to learn from Italian gelato experts; they shadowed ice cream shop owners and picked their brains; they sought out advice from ice cream consultants; and read all the books on ice cream they could get their hands on.

Making small batches of ice cream inside the retail shop's modest kitchen, they consistently worked to improve quality and refined their techniques guided by the belief that customers know the difference between mediocre and marvelous. Flavors were only offered if they were excellent. They worked hard to find the best cream, the best chocolate, the best fruit, the best vanilla, the best nuts, and the best of all the hundreds of ingredients they use in their roughly 150 flavors.

Today, Izzy's is a St. Paul institution that provides memorable experiences for thousands of visitors every year. With more than a hundred flavors to choose from, customers can explore the unique combinations of fresh fruits like peaches and blackberries, local ingredients like Summit Oatmeal Stout and Wild Country maple syrup, and ingredients from around the world like Dutch-processed cocoa and Bourbon vanilla.

We are proud to support this Twin Cities treasure by offering selected pints of Izzy's Ice Cream in our markets.

Find them in the Frozen Department of your nearest Kowalski's location.