Jimmy's Frozen Pizza

The Jimmy's Frozen Pizza family

Thirty-five years ago, Jimmy's Pizza opened its first store in the small northern Minnesota town of Pine City. Jimmy's Pizza found their niche by offering delivery services in small towns. The first store did so well that James and Jana Gordon, the founders of Jimmy's Pizza, welcomed in other family members to help expand. Today Jimmy's pizza has individually owned franchise locations across the Upper Midwest.

In 2015, the next big opportunity came knocking: Jimmy's Pizza Inc. purchased a family-owned pizza factory in Hatton, North Dakota. With that purchase came the opportunity to produce their own line of high-quality frozen pizzas!

Jimmy's Pizza was built on hard work and quality ingredients, including homemade sauces, fresh veggies, Hormel meats and 100% REAL cheese. These things, along with the Gordon family's core values, have made Jimmy's Pizza what it is today.

"From our family to yours, we truly hope that you love and enjoy our pizza just as much as we do!"

Find Jimmy's Pizzas in the Frozen Foods Aisle.