Levi Foods Frozen Pizzas

Clifford Thompson of Levi Foods cooking a healthy dinner with his baby daughter, who is secured in a baby sling across his chest

Levi Foods is a business based out of the small town of Clontarf, Minnesota. Owner and founder Clifford Thompson, a Seventh Day Adventist, is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle through all-natural food. As such, the company does not use artificial preservatives, MSG or artificial colors in any of their frozen products.

In 2013, Levi Foods introduced their first frozen pizza to a local grocery store in Morris, Minnesota, then to a local food co-op. Clifford drove the delivery truck. It was while doing one of his deliveries that he learned about UNFI, a natural foods distributor that delivered to bigger co-ops in the Twin Cities and beyond. Clifford then set his sights on expanding into this larger marketplace.

Levi Foods' first delivery to the Cities was in May 2015. Because they did not yet have a freezer truck, they had to improvise by placing a deep-chest freezer and a generator behind their truck. Today they have their own freezer trucks and have the help of two wonderful distributors, Trivoli and Coop Partners, to help them distribute to the Twin Cities, Greater Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

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