Luv Ice Cream

Luv Strawberry Ice Cream
Luv Chocolate Coconut Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Luv Ice Cream of North St. Paul specializes in all natural ice creams and "nice creams." They are gluten free, soy free and, most importantly, contain no added sugars – but losing sugar doesn't mean losing the delicious, creamy and decadent taste of your favorite frozen treats! Susanna and Ilya Gorodisher, a local husband-and-wife team, experimented for months on end to create an ice cream that tastes just as good without all the "extra stuff."

Luv uses only the very best natural ingredients in their small-batch, artisanal ice creams. Half of their flavors are made with organic heavy cream, while the rest are vegan-friendly and made with creamy coconut milk. They are great for folks on a keto, diabetic, paleo, dairy-free or vegan diet or other special eating plans.

Try using Friend-Zoned French Vanilla to make the perfect summertime sundae, or dig into Choo-Choo Choose Me! Chocolate Coconut, Luv's all-time best-selling fudgy nondairy flavor!

Find Luv Ice Creams and Dairy-Free Frozen Desserts in the Frozen Foods Aisle.