Pizzeria Pezzo

Pizzeria Pezzo CEO
Keri Bougie, Founder of Pizzeria Pezzo

Ever since he worked his first job at a pizzeria in Illinois, Gary Bougie has been passionate about creating the perfect pizza experience. After spending years fueling his passion at his first Chicago restaurant, SLYCE, Gary took the opportunity to bring his pizza-making powers back home to Minnesota. In 2013, Pizzeria Pezzo was born in White Bear Lake. The business was nearly cut short when Gary passed away just six months after its opening, but his wife, Keri Bougie, was determined to make his dream of "pizza perfection" a reality. Keri teamed up with Mac Morrison to move the company forward in her husband's vision.

To date, Pizzeria Pezzo continues to carry forth its founding principles: simple, creative, handcrafted pizza that lives up to the great styles of Italy, New York and Chicago. Pizzeria Pezzo's frozen deep-dish pizzas are handcrafted in the original Chicago tradition. Pezzo recreated the flavors and textures that made deep-dish pizza a Chicago staple with fresh, house-made ingredients.

Pezzo Pizza white pizza with proscuitto and arugula
Pizzeria Pezzo Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza

Find Pizzeria Pezzo Frozen Pizza in the Frozen Department of your nearest Kowalski’s location and an entire pizzeria at the Woodbury Market.