Sara's Tipsy Pies

Sara of Sara's Tipsy Pies

Sara's mom taught her to bake, and every Tipsy Pie features her mom's crust recipe, the best she's ever tasted. But for the filling, she went where no Lutheran church lady ever would: to the liquor cabinet.

Tipsy Pies are made with local beer, wine and spirits brands such as Finnegans Ale, Chateau St. Croix Rosé and Saint Croix Vineyards Port that take the flavor of the pies to a whole new level. All of Sara's Tipsy Pies are crafted with the highest quality standards and include no artificial flavors or colors, no high-fructose corn syrup and no artificial trans fat. As Sara likes to say, "the proof is in the pie!"

Tipsy Pies began in 2012 when Sara's triplets went off to school and she was looking for a way to re-enter the workforce while raising five children. Sara's Tipsy Pies was born and soon she was catering "Pie Bars" at weddings and selling pies at local events like the Irish Fair in St. Paul. In 2015, Tipsy Pies was accepted into the Minnesota State Fair and launched frozen products into local grocery stores so people could bake and enjoy the unique taste of Tipsy Pies at home. In 2017, the company is growing as strongly as ever with all new products at retail locations, the third consecutive year at the State Fair and restaurant opportunities such as the new Dalton & Wade Whiskey Commons Restaurant in Minneapolis, Selma's Ice Cream in Afton and Revé Bistro in Stillwater. We are proud to share here sweet treats with you!

Find Sara's Tipsy Pies in the Frozen Foods Department of your nearest Kowalski's location.