T-Rex Frozen Cookie Dough

Tina Rexing holding up a cookie sheet of fresh baked T-Rex Cookies
Tina Rexing, Owner of T-Rex Cookie Company

Tina Rexing spent almost 20 years working in corporate America, but in late 2014, she left in search of a new adventure. An avid baker and 17-year veteran of Minnesota State Fair baking competitions, Tina launched T-Rex Cookie Company in February 2015. Her incredible half-pound cookies have since gone on to national acclaim! T-Rex has appeared on Shark Tank and NBC's Today Show, and Tina's Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie has been named #1 Cookie in the Country by Time Out magazine and the New York Post.

T-Rex Cookie Company is one of U.S. Bank Stadium's inaugural local food vendors, and the cookies are a staple at Minnesota Orchestra Hall. Tina operates a storefront and kitchen in Eagan, and last year, T-Rex opened a kiosk at Ridgedale Mall in Minneapolis. This year marked the retail launch of T-Rex Frozen Cookie Dough with Kowalski's. Each package of frozen dough pucks makes four half-pound cookies, gooey and fresh-baked straight from your own oven!

Find T-Rex Cookie Dough in the Frozen Foods Aisle.