Freshwater Society

Freshwater Society Weatherguide Calendar

On May 5, 1965, five tornadoes passed across Lake Minnetonka. The community was left to clean up the mess with unbelievable amounts of debris clogging the lake after the tornadoes had passed. After testing Lake Minnetonka’s water cleanliness for over two years, Dick Gray founded the non-profit Freshwater Biological Research Foundation in December 1968. It was recognized by the State of Minnesota and was given to the University of Minnesota with no strings attached in 1976. Later being named Freshwater Society, this non-profit has the mission to inspire and empower people to value and preserve water.

The Freshwater Society's Minnesota Weatherguide Calendar has been a fan favorite for over 45 years. Acting as an environmental calendar and almanac, this calendar features stunning regional photography, astronomy features, gardening tips, and monthly phenology and weather information!

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