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Gina B. of Gina B. Designs
Gina Bugee Gottschalk, Founder of Gina B Designs
Gina B. Designs Greeting Cards

Established in 1984, Gina B Designs was founded in Plymouth by Gina and her love of stationery and pretty paper. Gina started her career by selling spot-painted florals on cardstock to local gift shops and eventually founded her own greeting card company after being encouraged by friends and family. Starting with 12 designs in 1984, Gina now works with freelance artists across the country. Gina B Designs features a broad range of art styles as each freelance artist contributes a unique talent. They are committed to providing their customers with stationery and gifts of exceptional art and design.

Gina B Designs is an award-winning designer offering a variety of greeting cards, stationery, and gifts. Their brands include "Gina B" and "Simple Blessings." Gina B Designs believes that greeting cards will always play an important role in making someone feel special, and they take great pride in brightening lives with beautiful art and simple, genuine messages. 

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