Madison Marti Designs

Madison Marti, founder of Madison Marti Designs
Madison Marti
Madison Marti Designs Common Loon Wine Glass
Common Loon Wine Glass
Madison Marti Designs Showy Lady's Slipper Wine Glass
Showy Lady's Slipper Wine Glass

Local artist Madison Marti started Madison Marti Designs in 2022. Her beautiful hand-painted wine and pints glasses combine abstract art with functionality. Her designs are inspired by Minnesota state symbols, such as the Minnesta state butterfly (monarch), state flower (lady slipper), state bird (loon), state gemstone (agate). Each glass is hand-painted, temperature cured and sealed to ensure the longevity of the art.

Look for these beautiful wine and pint glasses in the Gift Department at your nearest Kowalski's location. Selection and availability vary by market.