Pranarom Facial Mist and Cleansing OIl

Since 1991, Pranarōm has been a well-respected Belgium company that has provided essential oils and wellness products to European pharmacies. Founded in 2008, Veriditas Botanicals was a Minnesota-based company with the goal of sharing the benefits of French Medical Aromatherapy with the United States. Pranarōm teamed up with Veriditas Botanicals in 2016 in order to expand their essential oil safety, education, and wellness to an international market.

Locally owned and operating out of Minneapolis, Pranarōm USA specializes in certified organic essential oils and wellness products, from skincare to diffusion blends and beyond! At Pranarōm 100% of the products are USDA certified, eco-certified and organic. They exceed all certifications to ensure the brand promise, organically grown plants harnessed as essential oils for vibrant health and wellness.

Find a variety of Pranarōm essential oils, face washes, and baby items in the Gift Department of your nearest Kowalski's location.