The Skinfood Kitchen

Skinfood Kitchen Founder
Maiss El Agha, Founder of The Skinfood Kitchen
The Skinfood Kitchen Bath Bomb

Maiss El Agha of Wayzata created The Skinfood Kitchen with the highest standards of nature in mind. Her bath bombs, bars, balms and other spa-quality body care products are made with natural oils and butters, essential oils, botanicals and lots of love for people and the planet.

Free of synthetics, toxins and artificial preservatives, products from The Skinfood Kitchen are produced with love and respect for all life. All of their ingredients are carefully chosen to meet ethical standards of animal welfare and protection, and all products are manufactured without the need for animal testing.

Whenever possible, The Skinfood Kitchen uses biodegradable, recycled and sustainable packaging and avoids plastic materials.

Find The Skinfood Kitchen in the Gift Department of your nearest Kowalski's location.