Austin's Acres Wood Fire Roasted Coffee

Austin's Acres Coffee

Austin's Acres Wood Fire Roasted Coffee is roasted the original way: over wood fire! Austin's Acres started as a 4H project in the small town of Avon, Minnesota, but has since made its debut at local farmers markets and in Kowalski's Coffee Aisle. After discovering the art of wood fire roasting, owner Austin Maile knew he could bring something uniquely different to the local coffee scene. The heat from wood carries a higher moisture content than modern roasting methods and is better suited for slow roasting. Austin's Acres' slow-roasted beans ensure that the coffee is lower in acidity, higher in body and more flavorful. Find this fan favorite in the Coffee Aisle at your local Kowalski's Market.

Find Austin's Acres Wood Fire Roasted Coffee in the Grocery Department of your nearest Kowalski's location.