Bolton Bees Honey

Travis and Chiara Bolton of Bolton Bees

Bolton Bees is a husband-and-wife company based out of Saint Paul. Travis and Chiara Bolton are queen breeders who sell Minnesota-hardy bees to other beekeepers and location-specific honey. Their goal is to be a source of local bees and location-specific honey within the Midwest region.

The Boltons are non-migratory beekeepers, meaning they don't ship their bees around for commercial pollination. Instead, they allow their bees to thrive naturally by keeping their hives in the same location the entire year. This makes for healthier bees that produce delicious honey with a richer depth of flavor.

Each jar of Bolton Bees Honey is natural and raw, with nothing extra added. Each honey has a different color, taste and texture, depending on the flowers the bees have visited in the area. Bolton Bees has been featured in the National Geographic, Martha Stewart, Star Tribune, Pioneer Press and other local newspapers, and we are proud to offer their high-quality honey in our markets.

Find Bolton Bees Honey in the Grocery Department of your nearest Kowalski's location.