Buddy's Nut Butters

Buddy's Nut Butters founder Andrew Kincheloe holding an armful of his nut butters in the Kowalski's grocery aisle

Fresher, simpler peanut butter is the bottom line for Buddy's Nut Butters. It's ground in small batches right here in Minnesota and made with simple ingredients like freshly roasted peanuts, Pacific Ocean sea salt and coconut oil.

Kowalski's was the first retailer to bring Buddy's Nut Butters to the masses in 2014. Just three years later, Buddy's can be found in at least 21 states and 1,200 stores, from Atlanta to San Francisco.

Though he's arguably one of Kowalski's biggest success stories, founder Andrew Kincheloe still considers himself a small business at heart. He describes his relationship with Kowalski's as different than any other retailer he works with: "From the beginning it's been the little guy helping the little guy," he says. "Kowalski's always believed that Buddy's would one day be a national brand and continues to support me in ways many other retailers won't even consider. Their encouragement and support for my small brand is what has helped me to flourish in the Twin Cities and beyond."

Find Buddy's Nut Butters in the Grocery Department of your nearest Kowalski's location.