City Girl Coffee Co.

Alyza Bohbot, founder of City Girl Coffee
City Girl Coffee founder Alyza Bohbot James
City Girl Coffee

Founded in 2015, City Girl Coffee Co. of Duluth, Minnesota, was born out of a passion for bringing awareness and equality to women in the coffee industry. Women represent 80% of the labor force in the coffee industry today, yet they make up only 5% of the ownership and management. Founder Alyza Bohbot James wanted to do something about that. By largely sourcing their beans from women-owned or women-managed farms and co-operatives, City Girl Coffee works to enhance the lives of women and families in coffee-producing communities around the globe. They empower women to follow their dreams, encourage one another to become strong and self-sufficient, and be successful in whatever aspect the world embodies.

City Girl's sustainable and responsibly sourced coffee is roasted to order in small batches so that the coffee you brew is the freshest coffee possible. Their selections include single-origin and blends, organic and Fair Trade certified, in whole bean or ground.

Try these City Girl flavors:

  • Blondie Brazil – Light roast. Delicate, sweet and floral.
  • Organic Guatemala – Medium roast. Bright with notes of cocoa and citrus.
  • Organic Breakfast Blend – Medium roast. Sweet, floral and earthy.
  • Organic Peru – Medium roast. Mild and balanced with light acidity.
  • Organic Sumatra – Dark roast. Deep, rich and earthy.
  • Organic French Roast – Dark roast. Rich and bittersweet.

Find City Girl Coffee Co. in the Coffee Aisle. Selection and availability vary by market.