Duluth Coffee Company

Duluth Coffee founder Eric Faust roasting coffee in downtown Duluth
Duluth Coffee founder Eric Faust roasting coffee in downtown Duluth
Duluth Coffee Company Coffee Bags

Eric Faust founded Duluth Coffee Company in 2012. He started small, roasting coffee in his garage and selling it at local farmers markets. Eric's roasting philosophy and connectivity to coffee cultivation grew the business organically. They now operate from the heart of downtown Duluth.

Duluth Coffee Company focuses on intention and integrity. Eric travels to coffee farms throughout the world to get to know the community and culture behind each offering. Their mission is to influence the lives of people from origin to cup. All coffees from Duluth Coffee Company are single-origin, sourced from specific regions in which they have traveled. Coffees are roasted and tasted weekly to ensure the freshest quality, and there are no added flavors or sweeteners.

Look for these Duluth Coffee roasts in the Coffee Aisle. Each roast profile is intended to highlight the potential of the beans:

  • Chiapas, Mexico – A light roast from the region of Chiapas in southern Mexico. Notes of buttery chocolate and toast.
  • Cajamarca, Peru – A medium roast from northern Peru. Notes of molasses, nutmeg and almond.
  • Huila, Colombia – A medium roast from the mountainous region of Huila in Colombia. Notes of orange citrus, coconut and milk chocolate.
  • Zenith City, Guatemala – A medium-profile coffee from the rugged hills of Huehuetenango. Notes of cocoa, golden raisin and black cherry.
  • Waghi Valley, Papua New Guinea – A darker roast from the Indonesian islands. Notes of pine, raw cocoa and black currant.

Find Duluth Coffee Company in the Coffee Aisle of your nearest Kowalski's location. Selection and availability may vary by market.