Folly Coffee Roasters

Folly Coffee Roasters Owners

Folly Coffee Roasters selects only the choicest, ethically sourced, single origin unroasted beans from the best coffee growing regions in the world. Each batch of beans is profiled and roasted at lighter levels to bring out the unique tastes and deliciousness of all their small batch roasts.

Instead of trying to achieve consistency of flavor from bean to bean throughout the year, Folly highlights the delicious differences in flavor profiles from a range of origins and coffee bean processing methods. They also rotate the origin of each style throughout the year so they are only roasting the freshest of the fresh.

Folly is owned by Rob Bathe and Ken Schweikert, who operate locally out of Silver Lake, Minnesota, just west of Minneapolis.

Find Folly Coffee in the Grocery Department of your nearest Kowalski's location. Selection and availability varies by market.