Lucky's Honey Mustards

Four bottles of Lucky's Honey Mustard

North Mankato's Mark Porisch is a man on a mission: "to find out what foods CANNOT be improved by hot peppers." In 2008, Mark founded Lucky's Popcorn Dressing, which produces and distributes naturally flavored honey mustards, Louisiana-style hot sauces, BBQ sauces and specialty sauces featuring Minnesota-grown peppers. The term "popcorn dressing" originated with Porisch's friends who liked snacking on popcorn dipped in his homemade creations.

At the time he started Lucky's, Mark was already experienced with growing chiles in his North Mankato garden, a skill passed down from his grandfather. He also had years of feedback on his sauce recipes, that'd been taste-tested by friends and family, oftentimes with popcorn. What he originally lacked, however, was some business savvy.

Food businesses are just that – businesses – and early on, Mark smartly uncovered resources that would help him with the aspects of his food venture that occurred outside his garden and kitchen. The Small Business Development Center in Mankato provided counseling and advice regarding everything from taxes, marketing, financing, production and legal issues that have ultimately allowed Mark to be successful and made spicing up life Mark's full-time job.

Find Lucky's Honey Mustards in the Grocery Department of your nearest Kowalski's location.