MorningStar Coffee

Man cupping a handful of MorningStar Coffee beans in his hands

MorningStar is a Twin Cities-based organic, fair trade coffee roaster. Jose Vido, owner of MorningStar Coffee Company, grew up on his father's small coffee plantation in Brazil. His father is a third-generation coffee grower and came from Italy with his immigrant parents with a dream of planting and harvesting coffee in Brazil.

Jose started MorningStar in 1996 with a passion and commitment to delivering a superior and sustainable product, while supporting growers who employ the same methods of hand-picking and drying beans that his family has done for generations. To assure the freshest coffee for our customers, they roast our coffees to order in small batches.

MorningStar Coffee purchases their certified organic coffees from all over the world and are adamant about supporting shade grown, fair trade coffees as well as the Rainforest Alliance. They believe these practices make for not only a better tasting coffee, but one that is socially and ecologically responsible.

Find MorningStar Coffee in the Grocery Department.