Route to India Yoga Pops

Nalini Mehta in kitchen cooking
Nalini Mehta, Co-Owner of Yoga Pops
Anita Balakrishnan
Anita Balakrishnan, Co-Owner of Yoga Pops

Yoga Pops has been a labor of love, collaboration and passion for Nalini Mehta and Anita Balakrishnan, co-owners of Yoga Pops. For the longest time, Anita had been encouraging Nalini to package and sell "healthy foods" inspired by an ancient system of health and wellness known as Ayurveda. This was an idea that Nalini resisted given her belief that all food should be enjoyed fresh. If it's packaged, then it wouldn't meet Ayurveda's basic criteria of naturally nurturing physical and mental wellness.
Many years later, the idea for Yoga Pops came along quite serendipitously. Nalini had been serving them at her Ayurvedic pop-up dinners, held in various restaurants across the country. When folks would ask if they could take them back home, Nalini realized, "Well, why not package and sell them?" Finally! With their combined expertise – Nalini as an Ayurvedic chef with a background in retail sourcing, and Anita as a seasoned corporate executive specializing in talent and culture – Yoga Pops was born.

Anita and Nalini make the perfect team. Their core value is to do business with integrity while giving back to the farmers in rural India and others in the community along the way. They are proud and excited to bring you this delicious, unique and tri-doshic snack.

Made from popped Asian water lily seeds, Yoga Pops are a better-for-you snack made for intentional snacking, otherwise known as mindful munching. These non-GMO, allergen-free snacks contain all eight essential amino acids. Spiced with a variety of medicinal spices, such as turmeric, ginger, cloves, cardamom and cinnamon, and locally hand-roasted in small batches in Minneapolis, these super seeds are functional and intrinsically nutritious. Yoga Pops are rich in minerals, fiber and potassium and minimally processed, making them perfect after yoga or between meals. Pack Yoga Pops into lunch boxes or eat them for breakfast, the possibilities are endless.

Find Yoga Pops in the Grocery Department of your nearest Kowalski's location. Selection and availability vary by market.