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Sailor Mercy Founder Dani Dircks
Dani Dircks, Owner of Sailor Mercy
Sailor Mercy Elderberry Syrups

In the fall of 2017, Stillwater resident Dani Dircks was looking for a homemade remedy to help prevent her four children from constantly getting sick. Her research resulted in a wealth of information about elderberry syrup, a substance with antiviral properties that some believe to have immunity-boosting benefits. Combining her research with a love of cooking, Dani came up with an original recipe that both she and her kids loved.

Sailor Mercy Elderberry Syrup is packed with valuable antioxidants and ingredients to help support your immune system. It's made without preservatives or thickeners and crafted in small batches.

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Find Sailor Mercy Elderberry Syrup and Fire Cider products in the Grocery Department.