Sauce Anna Lisa

Sause Anna Lisa founder Lisa O'Connell posing behind jars of her pasta sauce

Each batch of this all natural pasta sauce takes up to eight hours to make, but the slow-simmered result is an especially sweet sauce that somewhat surprisingly contains no added sugar. Founder Lisa O'Connell named her sauce for the woman who wrote the original recipe, her grandmother Anna.

Speaking of her Kowalski's experience, Lisa says, "Kowalski's allowed us to grow at our own pace, helping out along the way. They have been so supportive and such a solid foundation for our local small business. Kowalski's stores offer unparalleled service, a commitment to quality products, and consistent community outreach and connection. Kowalski's is a cornerstone in the Minneapolis, local, small food movement."

Prior to Kowalski's betting on Lisa in 2011, her sauce was only available at the farmers' market. Today it's also found in 35 locations across Minnesota.

Find several flavors of Sauce Anna Lisa in the Grocery Department of your nearest Kowalski's location.