Spring Grove Soda Pop

Spring Grove Soda Founders

The history of Spring Grove Soda Pop dates back to 1895. After customers at G.G. Grove’s drug store asked to buy the soda from his soda jerk, he partnered with his brother-in-law to buy bottling equipment. The soda they made was sold locally and quickly grew. The two founders struggled to balance their soda company with their regular day jobs, so they sold Spring Grove Soda Pop in 1913. The company has changed ownership many times over the years, but it remains locally owned and operated in Spring Grove, Minnesota.

Although the company’s bottle and label designs have changed over the years, the original flavor recipes and bottling tradition are still kept alive by current owners, Dawn and Bob Hansen. The Hansens expanded Spring Grove Soda Pop with a stand at the Minnesota State Fair and the company’s first retail outlet in Spring Grove, Minnesota, in 2017.

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