The Bee Shed

Closeup of honeycomb with bees
Honey bee on goldenrod blossoms
A jar of The Bee Shed Autumn Bold Honey on a tree stump

The Bee Shed is a Rochester-based company dedicated to sustainable harvesting of specialty seasonal local honey. Their honeybees roam the prairies and woodlands of Southeast Minnesota, fusing the energy of the sun with the minerals of the earth into a perfect natural food: sweet, golden honey. Unlike most other honey producers, who process only one harvest at the end of the summer, The Bee Shed takes a different approach by harvesting with the change of seasons. Working in harmony with the seasonal blooms, each harvest produces a unique flavor and scent:

  • Spring Bright – Early season woodland flowers yield a mild and slightly astringent sweetness that pairs well with a sharp cheese or your morning toast.
  • Summer Solstice – Heading into late June, this harvest is dominated by trees and yields a complex floral profile, delicate sweetness and a hint of mint. Best on toast, in yogurt, right off the spoon or added to your summer drinks.
  • August Kiss – Sourced from prairie wildflowers, this harvest is intensely sweet with a floral finish as summer bids adieu.
  • Autumn Bold – September landscapes are dominated with goldenrod and asters lending a strong yet bold sweetness that carries through a hot beverage or adds a pop of flavor to your morning toast.

Co-owned by beekeeper John Shonyo and certified Minnesota Master Naturalist Chris Schad, The Bee Shed works diligently to harvest the best honey Minnesota has to offer while developing pollinator habitat and educating the public about the importance of pollination.

Find The Bee Shed Honey in the Grocery Department of your nearest Kowalski's location. Selection and availability vary by market.