UP Coffee Roasters

David Chall, Owner of Up Coffee Roasters

When UP Coffee Roasters (formerly Flamenco Organic) began roasting coffee in 1993, they knew that there was a balance between sourcing high-quality beans while supporting sustainable farming practices. Since then, this award-winning coffee roaster has worked hard to offer premium-quality blended coffees that are fair trade, organic and single source. They roast their beans in small batches to order in their roastery located in Northeast Minneapolis.

"Coffee draws us into a personal investment in the global neighborhood," says David Chall, owner of UP Coffee Roasters. He and his team of roasters work closely with the farmers they purchase their beans from to develop direct trade relationships.

Sustainability also means being environmentally conscious. That's why UP uses solar panels to power their roastery and roasts their beans in a smokeless Loring coffee roaster that requires no afterburner. All this allows them to produce an exceptional product while reducing their carbon footprint.

Find UP Coffee in the Grocery Department. Selection and availability varies by market.