UP Coffee Roasters

UP Coffee Roasters in Ethiopia

UP Coffee Roasters was created on three principles: quality, sustainability and knowledge. We travel the world to source the finest sustainably grown coffee we can find. Our Roastmaster then patiently roasts small, artisan batches. Our roasts are designed with you in mind. Being direct relationship and organic certified also exemplifies our mission to understand the natural details in sustaining the quality of these fine coffees. Explore our coffee; it will be clear that we’re not generic. Our passion, love of people and their personalities are what set us apart.

UP Coffee Roasters in Peru

Look for these UP flavors, featuring the noted flavor profiles:

  • Angry Bull – Butterscotch, banana, nuts, nougat
  • Bali – Boysenberry, lavender, chocolate, cinnamon
  • Brazil – Nutty, cocoa, oak, sweet
  • Breakfast Blend – Black licorice, berry, chocolate
  • Colombia – Honey, apricot, caramel, floral
  • Costa Black – Banana, vanilla wafer, raspberry, grapefruit
  • Ethiopia – Berry, tangerine, watermelon, floral, cocoa, coconut
  • Guatemala – Apple, almond, cocoa, velvety
  • Honduras – Biodynamic! Hazelnut, pepper, grape
  • Mexico – Candied nuts, Kahlúa, toffee
  • Minnesota Mudd – Nutmeg, cherry, graham, spice, blackberry
  • Peru – Tropical fruit, brown sugar
  • Papua New Guinea – Malt, cocoa, hazelnut, apple, spice
  • Red Sombrero – Pepper, cola, smoke
  • Sumatra – Citrus, walnut, cookie, rye
  • Uganda – Honey, malt, toffee, grape

Find UP Coffee in the Coffee Aisle of your nearest Kowalski's location. Selection and availability varies by market.