Whitestone Coffee Co.

Whitestone Coffee Co. Founders

Kelly has dreamt of owning her own company for as long as she can remember. Wanting a purpose to bring people together from all walks of life, whether it be a first date or once-a-year catchup up with a friend, she knew coffee was the perfect way to do so. Kelly’s husband was more than supportive of her idea of starting a coffee company, as it was a way of turning their fun family pastime of roasting coffee beans over the campfire into a product they could share with the world. In June 2018, the couple debuted Whitestone Coffee Co.

Whitestone Coffee Co. is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and emphasizes sustainability. All coffee roasted and sold has one or more of the following stamps of approval: Fair Trade, Organic, Women Coffee Producers, Rainforest Alliance, Café Femenino and Swiss Water Process.

Find a variety of coffee roasts from Whitestone Coffee Co. in the Coffee Aisle of your nearest Kowalski’s location.