Kadejan Free-Range Chicken

Whole roasted chicken on a roasting pan with carrots, potatoes, celery and onions

The Kadejan chicken story began in 1989 when local chefs asked chicken farmer Pete Thorfinnson for "free-range hens," to which Pete replied, "What exactly is that?" Upon hearing the description, Pete told them that's the only way he ever raised his birds.

That simple beginning and Pete's commitment to humanely raising and processing pure, natural birds is what drew us into a long-term partnership with this Glenwood, Minnesota, grower. Each Kadejan chicken is minimally processed, air-chilled and raised without antibiotics or growth stimulants. The chicken are fed a diet of whole grains – animal by-products are never used – and are allowed to roam free in small flocks at all times, resulting in a bird with better texture and taste than what you might find elsewhere.

We're fortunate to have a local grower of this caliber right in our backyard, assuring fresh, all natural chicken is just down the road.

Find Kadejan Chicken in the Meat Department of your nearest Kowalski's location.