3 Lonetti Sisters

Grandpa's Meatballs Mix Jar
Grandpa's Meatballs Mix Bag

Ann, Steph and Katie – the Lonetti sisters – bring you Grandpa's Meatball Mix & Italian Seasoning. Share in the love of authentic Italian food and convenience. Our meatballs are bold and flavorful, just like our grandpa made them! And you can use Grandpa's Meatball Mix for more than just meatballs! Use our delicious blend (made with gluten-free breadcrumbs) for Chicken Parmesan, roasted veggies, soups, red sauce, pizza, sandwiches, lasagna, meatloaf, stuffed shells, burgers, cheesy potatoes and more! Check out our recipe page at www.3LSMN.com for ideas.

Find 3 Lonetti Sisters' Grandpa's Meatball Mix & Italian Seasoning in the Meat Department at select Kowalski's locations.