Heather's Dirty Goodness

Heather Manley of Heather's Dirty Goodness
Founder Heather Manley (Photo by Caitlin Abrams, Mpls St. Paul Magazine)
Heather's Dirty Good Censored Rub
Heather's Dirty Good Burlesque Rub

Heather's Dirty Good is a line of unique rubs made with high-quality ingredients and minimal salt.

"Many companies tend to use salt as a cheap filler. Not us," says Heather Manley, founder of Heather's Dirty Goodness in Minneapolis. "While we love salt, we also understand it has its place; but too much and you're hiding something, too little and it's boring. We have a mission to create the perfect balance and, in turn, create rubs that are Dirty Good tasty and heart healthy."

All of Heather's Dirty Good products enhance and highlight the flavors of whatever they're intended to be paired with – and, many times, things they were not. One thing is consistent: the rubs are good on everything! Locally created, sourced and produced in Minnesota, we can easily say supporting local never tasted so good.

Heather's Dirty Goodness made their retail debut at Kowalski's, and we are pleased to bring you Heather's line of Dirty Good Rubs:

  • Original – Rosemary, thyme and garlic are mixed with about twenty other herbs to give this rub a leg up. It's fantastic on lamb, steak, chicken, pork, seafood and even in salad dressings. Word on the street is that it's also quite tasty in sauces, soups, pasta and pizza. Heather loves to combine Original Rub with olive oil for dipping Kowalski's freshly baked bread. To make it even better, sprinkle with freshly grated Parmesan cheese!
  • Burlesque – Cayenne, cocoa, salt and nutmeg make this a complex and fantastic rub on pork, chicken or as the base in sauces. Try mixing it with some brown sugar and a little bit of maple syrup and put it on salmon for a dish you will not believe.
  • Censored – Using habanero, jalapeño and a few other peppers mixed lightly with garlic paprika and black pepper, this rub is for those addicted to heat! Use on anything and everything...then put a few dashes in your Bloody Mary to give it some extra zing.
  • Sophistication – Made with chipotle, powdered beer and honey mixed with herbs and spices, this well-rounded pairing is great with ribs, meat and as a base for BBQ sauce.
  • Vintage – Juniper berries, smoked paprika and brown sugar are mixed with herbs and spices, producing a well-rounded seasoning that pairs with everything, especially wild game.

Find Heather's Dirty Good Rubs in the Meat Department.