The trū Shrimp Companies

Minnesota Grown Tru Shrimp served with a dish of cocktail sauce and lemon slices

Located in Balaton, Minnesota, The trū Shrimp Companies is the first company to test and validate commercial-scale, shallow-water indoor shrimp farming technology in the United States. trū Shrimp’s land-based shrimp aquaculture technology produces superior-quality shrimp with full-bodied flavor. All shrimp raised on the farm are traceable, sustainable and antibiotic free.

trū Shrimp's Tidal Basin technology encompasses three existing patents, one pending patent and three to-be-filled patents that far exceed the performance of traditional technology to create the most stable and efficient shrimp-growing environment in the world. Such innovation enables them to raise shrimp safely using less space. Advanced water management technology and recycling methods allow trū Shrimp to reduce water usage, waste byproducts and their carbon footprint at every turn. Advanced water filtration systems continually remove waste and allow water to be used again. In fact, almost 100% of the water in their facilities is recycled. Such practices allow trū Shrimp to fulfill what they believe is their responsibility: minimizing their impact on the earth’s resources and striving for solutions that are sustainable for future generations.

In the Twin Cities, trū Shrimp is available exclusively at Kowalski's!

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