Fireside Orchard

A Fireside Orchards Apple Tree full of crisp, juicy apples ready for picking

Fireside Orchard & Gardens in Northfield, Minnesota, is a second-generation company that was founded in 1980 by Robert Harvey.

"I began selling apples from a picnic table in my front yard," says Robert. "Today my son Todd and I operate the 40-acre orchard along with a retail store that offers a variety of apples and related products."

"Going to the apple orchard has become an annual pilgrimage for many Minnesotans, and we try to make it a fun experience for all ages," offers Todd. "Over the years we have added a pond and other amenities to the property to provide the fall experience that consumers are looking for."

As the air turns cooler, their crop of hand-picked local apples begins arriving in our markets and includes such varieties as HoneyCrisp, Haralson, Regent, Cortland, Fireside and McIntosh.

"We hand-pick all our apples to ensure a quality product," says Robert.

Fireside Orchard has also created a cider for Kowalski's that is a blend of many of these local apples, which were developed by the University of Minnesota.

"You will find that it starts out sweet-tart at the beginning of the season and subtly becomes sweeter as the season progresses and different apple varieties become available," says Todd.

The apples are pressed, and each jug is hand-filled and delivered directly to our markets for added freshness. That's the value of partnering with local growers!

Find apples from Fireside Orchard and Kowalski's Signature Apple Cider in the Produce Department of your nearest Kowalski's location when in season. Selection and availability vary by market.