Revol Greens

Revol Greens Greenhouse
A package of Revol Greens Romaine Crunch in a bed of fresh romaine lettuce

Jay Johnson, founder of Bushel Boy Farms, and a team of veteran greenhouse growers formed Revol Greens in 2016. They combine natural growing methods with the latest eco-friendly greenhouse technologies to grow Minnesota's freshest and most flavorful greens 365 days a year. Located in Owatonna, Minnesota, Revol Greens are delivered to our markets much faster than lettuce and greens typically shipped from places like California or Arizona.

Revol Greens' new organic program is the first of its kind and is now available at Kowalski's! These lettuces are grown using a plant-based nutrient source, which means no animal byproducts – it's plants fed by plants!

Find Revol Greens products in the Produce Department of your nearest Kowalski's location. Selection and availability vary by market.