Rob's Gourmet Greens

Bibb Lettuce

Rob and Lois Louters are the owners of this small, wooded farm just south of the Twin Cities. Rob is from a Dutch family that has loved to grow vegetables for generations. Rob shares this same passion and specializes in providing gourmet-quality greens and herbs. The small size of his farm means Rob can personally give the tender loving care his plants need every step of the way. When the plants reach the peak of freshness, they are harvested and delivered only hours later.

"We love being a small family farm that provides a reliable source for great local food," says Rob. "I want to give my customers the best greens they have ever experienced and that they are proud to serve to their friends." This commitment means a difference you can see and taste.

Find Rob's Gourmet Greens in the Produce Department of your nearest Kowalski's location. Selection and availability may vary by market.