Untiedt's Vegetable Farm

The Untiedt family of Waverly, Minnesota, prides themselves on their locally grown produce that is hand-harvested and sustainably grown. With the Crow River running through their backyard, this third-generation family-owned operation is built on respect for the land and the generations that came before them. A portion of the farm is set aside for wildlife habitat, since Jerry Untiedt realizes that the animals were there first. In fact, they even grow crops specifically for the wildlife to eat!

During the summer, Untiedt's employs 100 people to help with the planting and harvesting of the crops. Their farm grows flowers, beans, melons, strawberries, raspberries, summer and winter squash varieties, pumpkins and gourds, along with the best-tasting sweet corn around. Many of these items are available in our markets as well as at vegetable stands and farmers markets in the area. If you have eaten grilled sweet corn at the Minnesota State Fair, you have eaten corn from their fields. 

All of their sweet corn is picked by hand and dropped off at each Kowalski's Market within one day of picking. Untiedt's never sells anything to their customers that is not fresh and of the highest quality. That is their promise to us and our promise to you. 

Jerry and his family are very passionate about what they do and are concerned about the sustainability of the land and the family farm. "I love what I am doing, and I have no plans to ever retire," says Jerry. 

We value the partnership we have with Untiedt's Vegetable Farm and look forward to many more years of business together! 

Take a look at a few of the special ways Untiedt's is leading the way in local agriculture:

Find produce from Untiedt's Vegetable Farm in the Produce Section of your nearest Kowalski's location.