Alemar Cheese Company

Alemar Cheese Founder Keith

California-native and founder, Keith Adams, came to cheesemaking the hard way through losing a business in 2005. Inspired by a friend from back home who was a successful winemaker, Keith began looking at artisan cheesemaking which was a casual interest of his.

The secret to Keith Adams' success is using pasteurized milk from grass-fed cows at a local organic dairy farm. Each cheese is made in small-batches and quietly produced in Mankato, Minnesota. His first product, the Camembert-inspired Bent River, launched his company into several specialty cheese shops and restaurants around the country.

After 2 years of making artisanal cheese, Keith was surprised to come in third at the American Cheese Society's annual competition for his Camembert-style Bent River cheese. It was a feat unheard of with his experience but what made Keith so successful as a cheese maker was his ability to learn from his mistakes and not be afraid of failure.

"I love my job. I'm happy going to work and I'm fortunate to be making a living. It absolutely suits me," says Keith.

Alemar cheese products are available at all 11 Kowalski's locations.