Ames Farm Honey

Ames Farms Honey

Ames Farm is an old farmstead with 18 bee yards, 800 beehives and five apple orchards nestled in Watertown, Minnesota. The farm's history goes back to 1861 when Abraham Lincoln was president, fashioning seven acres of land perfect for growing flowers and clovers to keep the bees of Ames Farms happy and healthy.

The team at Ames Farm credits their honey's quality to the hardworking honeybees, sunshine, flowers and rain. They know that the taste of each batch of honey depends on the season, as different types of blooming flowers used by the bees create a unique flavor profile. Because of this, each jar of single-source honey has the location, hive number and floral source printed on the label, making it unique and specific to a time and place in Minnesota.

Since heat damages honey's delicate flavors, Ames Farm bottles their raw honey unheated. Nothing is added to the raw honey – no flavors or infusions. The farm collects the honey directly from the hive in micro-batches using a 27-year-old artisanal process that's so time-consuming no one else dares to copy it. Still, they believe it's worth the effort and are confident that you will be able to taste the difference.

Find Ames Farms' raw single-source honey at your nearest Kowalski's location.