Humble Nut Butters

Portrait of Humble Nut Butter owners Jessica and John

We're Jessica and John, husband-wife team and co-founders of Humble Nut Butter. We chose the name "Humble" for a few reasons. First, it's an admirable quality in a human, and the world could benefit from a little more humility – let's be honest. As it relates to food, food should be honest, real (and, of course, nutritious AND tasty) with minimal ingredients. Not done in a self-congratulatory way, but done because it's the right thing to do.

We're proud to be an Inclusive Employer (see our Instagram page), woman owned, gluten free, vegan, Non-GMO certified and clean label. All our spices and herbs are certified organic. Our cashews are certified Fair Trade and organic. We don't use palm oil, preservatives, stabilizers or any B.S., and all our ingredients are ones you've heard of. We vow to never compromise on the quality of our products, even if it costs us more money. Every single jar is made by hand and with care.

A snack craving, an idea, a kitchen. Humble beginnings and humble ingredients led to Humble Nut Butter. We sure like them, and we hope you do, too.

Try all three flavors:

  • Truffle Herb Walnut – Salty and savory, it is really like nothing else out there. Ground shiitake mushroom, rosemary, thyme and truffle zest give this vegan nut butter its big, "meaty," umami flavor.
  • Sundried Basil Cashew – Creamy, a little tangy, a little spicy, but big on flavor. It's great on vegetables (raw or roasted), crackers and sandwiches. This is THE nut butter missing from your kitchen pantry.
  • Turmeric Maple Pecan – Warm turmeric spice and the subtle sweetness of maple blend together perfectly in this silky-smooth pecan butter. We dare you not to love it on everything.

Find Humble Nut Butter in the Specialty Cheese Department of your nearest Kowalski's location.