Humble Nut Butters

Humble Nut Butter Owners Jessica and John
Humble Nut Butters served on a cheeseboard with crackers, cheese and crusty bread

Minneapolis' own Jessica and John Waller named their nut butters Humble for a few reasons. Sure, it’s an admirable quality in a human, but as it relates to food, they believe food should also be humble – honest, real and made with minimal ingredients – and, of course, nutritious and tasty!

Humble Nut Butters are available in three unique flavors: Truffle Herb Walnut, Sundried Basil Cashew and Turmeric Maple Pecan. They're wonderful as an ingredient or a simple snack paired with vegetables, crackers, sandwiches or cheese. Every single jar is made by hand and contains no palm oil, preservatives or stabilizers – just gluten-free, vegan, Non-GMO certified, all natural ingredients. You'll find certified organic herbs and spices in each of these creamy blends, and certified Fair Trade organic cashews in their cashew butter.

Find Humble Nut Butters in the Specialty Cheese Department.