Red Table Meat Co.

Red Table Meat Co. Salume

Mike Phillips, a local chef turned salumiere, has been working on forming Red Table Meat Co. for perhaps his whole life. Growing up in a small, rural farming community, he worked for farmers, went to school with farmers, heck, he dated the Clay County Pork Queen! He saw their struggles and their tireless work. That powerful sense of community never left him, and now Red Table Meat Co. couples those values with well-made, thoughtfully crafted products.

Passionately committed to sustainability and transparency, Red Table Meat Co. salumi can be traced from farm to fork, empowering consumers to engage responsibly with their food. Rooted in local farms and grounded in Northeast Minneapolis, "No Surrender" is the maxim that guides this small company. Red Table Meat Co. buys whole pigs from small, sustainable farms and collaborates with farmers to honor the pig from farrow and feed to humane slaughter. With unmatched freshness and exceptional quality in each bite, this studied craft results in a subtle and refined salumi that is immensely shareable.

Find Red Table Meat Co. products in the Specialty Cheese Department of your nearest Kowalski's location.